The Ultimate Vegan Gifts Guide (UK 2018 edition)

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So you have a vegan in your life and want to give an incredible gift they will love…

Well this mega guide contains a handy infographic so you know what to buy…

…AND list of 100+ vegan gifts!

This is quite a hefty guide so check out the table of contents below:

An Infographic called The Ultimate Vegan Gifts Guide, which aims to teach non-vegans what to buy a vegan in their life.

PLEASE NOTE: The following links are affiliate links, so when you click on a link and purchase, we will earn a commission at no extra cost to you. BUT 100% of all earnings from this page will be donated to Vegan Charities including Veganuary, ProVeg and Vegan Outreach.

Vegan Food Gifts

Know a vegan that loves to cook and not just shove down a microwave meal like we do? Well you’re in luck…

The following gifts are perfect for vegans who simply can’t leave the kitchen (unless there’s a cute kitten video on facebook, they’re only human!)

All hail the Vego bar!

Possibly the best vegan chocolate around.

It tastes exactly like hazlenut milk chocolate… without the dairy!

They are pretty hefty and good enough as a small gift on their own, but adding an extra 5 to your gift from this six pack wouldn’t be unappreciated!

Raw organic truffles that tasteas good as they look.

There is no sugar (and no sneaky sugar substitutes either), animal products, gluten or soya.

They claim these aren’t bad for your health, but we beg to differ if you downed the whole box in one go! (Which believe us, is very possible…)

Booja Booja are hands down the classiest and best tasting truffles you will ever taste.

And not only are they vegan, but they come in gorgeous looking boxes making them ideal for a present that impresses.

This selection box contains a large soya free, dairy free and gluten free truffle selection including banana toffee flavour, banoffee chocolate and hazlenut chocolate flavours.

It’s worth dishing out the money for these especially if it’s a luxury gift you’re after.

Nakd bars hit the UK like the Miley Cyrus wrecking ball music video…

Ok maybe not that much, but they were a godsend to vegans and health nuts alike because they contain all natural ingredients and taste like heaven!

Made of simple ingredients like Cashews and Dates, you can’t go wrong with a Nakd bar for the health concious vegan.

Nakd Bars in byte sized fun form!

Nakd Nibbles are made from all natural ingredients but still taste like a naughty treat!

There are some really delicious flavours including coconut, toffee and salted caramel.

They are a tad pricey but only because you can inhale them so fast because of they’re so addictiven!

While you can make your own marshmallow with aquafabba it’s difficult to make them into their traditional solid, snackable form.

That’s where Freedom Mallows comes in with their delicious marshmallows.

Don’t let the creepy panda put you off! They taste just as good if not better than the animal product laden marshmall.

Engevita yeast flakes are popular among vegans for two reasons:

1 – They contain B12 which is a much needed supplment for vegans

2 – They taste like cheese

Yup, healthy AND cheesy.

There are a tonne of recipes that use b12, and even if your vegan isn’t much of a cook, it’s easy to sprinkle onto most dishes to add a cheesy flavour.

Ah yes Tofu, the stereotypical staple of the vegan diet other than chickpeas and falaffel.

But it’s true tofu is delicious and having a good stock of firm tofu is always handy!

So maybe use this tofu pack to give a tofu surprise to your vegan, or as a weird stocking filler!

So the packaging looks a bit blegh but Mock Duck tastes delicious…

Easy to prepare, great for those vegans who just can’t be bothered to cook tonight.

It’s made from the infamous seitan and really does taste like duck.

Braised Tofu is a hidden gem for vegans who like soy.

Fantastic for things like stir fries or casserole, and a generally good meat replacer for a lot of dishes.

It does have it’s own smoky flavour and can be eaten without much added, but we like to add veggies along with it.

Moo Free is a popular vegan brand with delicious chocolate flavours and being completely organic, vegan and gluten free.

The chocolate tastes as smooth as chocolate with dairy, and the rice milk used instead of dairy keeps the creaminess without the use of soy!

There aren’t many vegan chocolate spreads that hit the mark, but Plamil’s Dairy Free Organic spread hits the mark…

It is like nutella but maybe a bit less sickly sweet (which to us is a good thing!)

We enjoy this brand, but the reviews are a bit 50 / 50 so maybe try some yourself before giving it to others.

Please note: it does contain soya!

Sunday Roasts can be vegan too!

The nut roast is a delicious alternative to chicken or beef, and goes great with gravy, potatoes and veg.

No cooking skills required, just add some water and cook.

It’s a fantastic gift for celebrations, holidays and co-workers!

Please note: This does contain gluten and wheat!

Vegan's With A Sweet Tooth (Hampers and Sweets)

Not all vegans are hitting the gym five times a week and eating veggies with every meal… (we’re certainly not!)

And even if they are, who doesn’t like sweet stuff?! The following treats are perfect for Vegans who would love a sugary hit…

Remember those sweet treats you had as a kid? Well Vegans do too! And boy do they miss them…

The Vegan Sweet Hamper Box contains fizzy cola bottles, rhubarb and custard flying saucers, fruit jellies, american hard gums and sherbert lemmons.

While it might not be the best gift for vegan health nuts (see the section below for the perfect gift for those people) it’s definitely a safe bet for most veganistas out there.

Do you have a snacky vegan in the house?

The Vegan Kind’s Snack Attack hamper contains everything from chocolate bars to crisps, making it suitable for any celebration.

Vego bar? Check.

Cappuccino Popcorn? Check.

Fudgee bites? Hell yes!

(If you’re buying the gift to share, make sure to take out what you want first, it won’t last long!

iChoc are a german chocoalte company that really know how to make some exciting chocolate bars…

Ever had White nougat crisp rice chocolate? Neither have we, but damn we want it.

Give some creamy chocolate without the harm of dairy farming.

With over 162 positive customer reviews, this hamper must be a winner!

Containing 13 delicious vegan chocolate and snack bars, it makes the perfect gift when coupled with the well designed packaging.

No need to wrap this one! Save on paper for the environment (mention that as part of the gift for bonus vegan points!)

Vegan Gifts For Him

Male vegans have a lot to tackle when going vegan.

Most males don’t wear makeup, but they still have to deal avoid leather and hygeine products that are tested on animals.

Here are some gifts to show a vegan man how much you appreciate them and their veganism…

Cork wallets are brilliant.

From personal experience, they last longer than leather, they look great and they’re a good talking point if you want to show off your eco friendliness. 😉

Otherwise, just a good, longlasting wallet that definitely will save your vegan man money in the long run!

Not all men are lucky enough to have a man cave…

But meet the next best thing:

The ManCave Natural Survival set is Vegan friendly and Cruelty Free Certified.

The set contains Shampoo, Facescrub, Moisturiser, Face Wash, Shower Gel and Conditioning Style Cream.

Not much else needed in the vegan arsenal (except maybe a strong deodorant…)

We’re a bit bias with Bulldog because it’s all we use…

The minis tin is like fun size versions of the full product, with the basics a vegan man will need:

Face wash, Shave Gel and Moisturiser.

Each one contains 8 essential oils and extra ingredients like Green Tea, Aloe Vera, Jojoba and Vitamin E to hydrate and clean up spotty skin.

Men don’t want to smell, but finding good deodorants that last is even more of a pain when you’re vegan.

Thankfully, Man Cave have their own line of deodorant that is vegan friendly and cruelty free certified.

The Eucalyptus deodorant sounds as good as it smells, with natural extracts, no parabens or sulfates and long lasting effect.

According to reviews, one stick can last up to five months!

Perfect as a small side gift or stocking filler.

Nothing says man more than beard oil.

Bull Dog knocks it out of the part with their animal-free beard oil that helps keep those scratcht beards soft and conditioned.

It contains Aloe vera, Camelina oil and Green Tea if you’re vegan man wants those fancy ingredients and it’s synthetic fragrance free, ensuring it’s good for their skin.

ETHCS are a fantastic vegan company with a wide range of clothes on offer.

They are a Climate neutral company, give a fair living wage to their employees and a part of the Fair Wair Foundation.

And best of all their clothes look awesome!

FULL DISCLOSURE: We signed up for the ETHCS affiliate plan, and can get you a 10% discount. As stated before, this comes at no extra cost to you and helps support the site and a fantastic vegan company!

Get 10% off by going to

Plant Power!

These Powered By Plants shirts are a great way to show off and promote veganism in style…

Our favourite colour is the red!

Vegan Gifts For Her

So your girlfriend, sister, friend or mum went vegan and you want to stay in their good books!

No worries, we have your back…

A cork purse was just too cool to not put on the list.

The reviews on talk about how high the quality of the cork is compared to a lot of vegan leather handbags that are hard rather than soft.

They also compliment it’s lightness despite it’s good size and the sturdiness with the metal studs on the bottom.

It has four pockets plus a large zipper section, with straps long enough to hang on your shoulder without it being too short.

Plus it’s waterproof and easy to clean!

These vegan combat boots by Truffle Buk are great for modern punk cool women out there.

No leather or animal products are used in the boots and it comes in multiple sizes.

Returns are accepted within 30 days if you don’t get the size right first time too!

Same day dispatch in the UK is included for free and the seller has 99.9% positive feedback.

Stylish and cute, the Heart Tote bag is a reusable, environmentally friendly over-the-shoulder shopping or hand bag.

It can wrap up pretty small so your vegan can fit it straight in their pocket (useful for going to the shops!)

Plant Power for Women!

This shirt is a good way to show off veganism in style, with reviews complimenting it’s good material and value for money.

The delivery is apparently quick and there are a good selection of sizes from Small to XX Large.

There is also a white version with a black logo instead!

Spreading the word is important for vegans because of their passion for animal welfare and making the world a better place.

This shirt makes a great present that shows your appreciation for what your vegan stands for.

The reviews state the print is of a high quality, washes well and good value for money.

It also comes in black, blue and white!

Vegan Beauty Gifts

Give the gift of beauty without suffering that any female vegan will love, with these top rated vegan cosmetics and beauty products…

Completely natural foundation made of mineral power that is sure to impress.

It also works as a concealer, powder and natural sunscreen, making it a 4 in 1 product that will help both your wallet and your skin.

If your gift receiver is prone to eczema or irritation from beauty products, reviews suggest this product is the solution as it contains no artificial ingredients that can cause flare ups.

Ps. Make sure to get the right colour tone!

Containing popular shades that can be blended easily and applied either dry or wet.

The small, portable packaging is useful for the busy body who travels a lot or is on the go for work.

With over 459 reviews positive reviews you can’t go wrong!

A lot of makeup brushes use animal hair, and that is a huge no no for a vegan!

These Bamboo makeup brushes will make a great add on gift to the above foundation and eyeshadow.

It contains a makeup sponge with 11 brushes (and even a bag for on the go application!)


Another gift from the Gaya cosmetics comapny. Over 475 reviews on this one make it a safe bet when looking for vegan mascara.

If you want to give long lasting lash extension that lasts all in a travel size tube for last minute those make up emergencies, this is the gift for her.

The brush fibers are also paraben free and stop irritation and lash loss from occurring.

Who doesn’t want to look young forever while also saving  the lives of animals?

Using sea salts and plant extracts, this facial rejuvenation cream should keep your vegan’s skin glowing and youthful.

A lot of the reviews mention how great it smells and more importantly, how well it works for women of all ages.

One even claims to look ten years younger!

P.s. While anti aging cream might not seem like a great gift because of the name, if you say it’s to “keep you looking as young as you do now” it will work.

Why not make your gift pay for itself by teaching the receiver how to make their own make up and both save money on their own make up, or sell their creations for a pretty penny!

According to the reviews, this book also contains handy guides on vegan friendly beauty brands, what chemicals to look out for and the best places to buy the ingredients for your make up recipes.

P.s. The UK edition of this book only has 3 reviews, but it still made the list because the US site has 28, 4 – 5 star reviews

Fancy getting your hands dirty and making a great gift for yourself, check out this DIY Coffee Scrub Recipe.

Funny Vegan Gifts

Vegans are made fun of a lot of the time for the stragest, dumbest reasons…

But that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy a good laugh about veganism if done in good taste!

The following are hilarious vegan gifts that won’t cause anyone offense…

“Where do you get your protein?”

This is a question every vegan gets asked regularly, so this mug will really come in handy.

A lot of vegans are told they’re hypocrites because supposedly plants have feelings too (yes. really.)

So this shirt should give every vegan a good laugh!

The Vegan Health Nut

So your gift is going to the vegan exercise lover…

They’re in the gym 6 days a week, pumping iron or training for their next marathon.

Or, if they’re like us, they dream about doing the above but need some motivation.

The following gifts should be perfect for both the vegan triathlete and fitness wannabee alike…

A vegan diet tends to be lacking in B12, which is normally found in animals because they eat food covered in soil.

And although B12 deficiencies won’t show for decades, it is still essential for any vegan’s health.

While a vegan could technically just eat more soil like animals do, we don’t think soil will pass as a great gift, no matter how good the wrapping paper!

So use the popular veganicity B12 brand and save your vegan a trip to the store. A gift like this will really show you researched veganism!

Vegan protein powders are normally criticised for tasting gros.

(And we’ll admit it, pea protein is nasty without 3 bananas blended with it)

But sunwarrior seems to be on a mission to create delicious protein powders, and they seem to have delivered.

Soy Free, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Dairy Free… and completely Raw and plant based.

Whether you’re vegan is wanting to gain muscle, run longer or just get a protein boost, this is the perfect gift.

Not a fan of chocolate? No problem!

The vanilla flavours sounds equally delicious.

Great for plant based dieters who are losing weight by cutting out oils!

We love to use a non stick pan and use just a little water when cooking things like onions for vegan curries.

Make all your favourite meals without the high calorie oils!

Is your vegan wanting to avoid even more high calorie oil?

Use these non-stick reusable baking mats.

They’re reusable which makes them cheaper than all that non-stick paper, and much more friendly to the environment.

We use these personally for guilt free chips and bean burgers.

Perfect for Plant Based dieters and vegans wanting to save money and be eco-friendly.

If you want a cheaper protein powder option, you can’t go wrong with Pulsin.

Pulsin Soya protein is low fat, sweetner and sugar free, gluten free, non GMO and completely vegan.

While not designed to be taken on it’s own, you can add it to both sweet and savoury recipes and make the perfect post or pre workout protein hit.

This is an easy win as a gift for the budget concious fitness enthusiast.

Not a soy fan?

Pulsin has your back with another unflavoured protein powder made from hemp.

Hemp is beneficial even without it’s high protein content, packed with fibre and omega 3’s to keep any vegan healthy and full with their weight loss or muscle building meals.

The protein concentration is 47% with hemp protein powder, and it is slightly more expensive, but the extra health benefits are worth it!

So you still want 80% protein in your powder at a budget?

Enter pea protein – the perfect budget friendly vegan protein.

Warning: Pea protein tastes pretty bad on it’s own, so if your vegan is a first timer with plant proteins, tell them to add banana or apple in their shake or to add the protein to strong tasting foods.

However, it’s still a high quality protein supplement, and 269 positive reviews shows how much a vegan wil appreciate this gift!

Want to get buff on a vegan diet?

Robert Cheeke is a world famous vegan bodybuilder that literally has written the book on Vegan bodybuilding.

The best protein sources, products, equipment, supplements andfitness routines are all included in this vegan bodybuilding bible.

But you also get advice on finding sponsorship and making a career out of bodybuilding, so if your vegan wants to take things to the next level, they can!

Written by Vegan bodybuilding and fitness team Derek Tresize and Marcella Torres, this is another great guide for the male and female, aspiring vegan bodybuilder or model.

We bought this book, and although we didn’t use it, it sure is filled with amazing information on how to set fitness goals, plan your nutrition for maximum fat loss or muscle building and how to look in absolute peak condition.

We highly recommend this book, and also recommend actually using the information and not just reading while eating vegan nachos like we did.

If your vegan is more of a runner than a bulker, this book is for them. Matt Frazier is the No Meat Athlete, and runs one of the top blogs in the world for vegan fitness and especially runners.

The best part about this book is it doesn’t just say “eat this eat that”, it explains how to change your habits and eat healthily for life (without counting calories!)

It contains cooking tips to save time, plant fueled recipes for both your vegan and their family, making running a permanent habit, training for your first race and how to stay injury free.

This is the vegan runners bible, and is perfect for both current runners and beginners alike.

We’ve all heard the crazy amount of benefits to coconut oil, not to mention all its uses.

So if you want a gift that will go a long way (even if your vegan avoids eating oil) coconut oil can be used for so many things you can’t go wrong.

Gluten, soya and refined sugar free lemon drizzle cake protein balls.

Need we say more? These are great to have after an intense exercise session or as a travel snack.

They are pricey, but the reviews seem to justify the price and if you have the budget to make them a one off treat, it may be a great present.

Why get those tiny, expensive packs of cocoa nibs when you can get a HUGE bag.

We love these chocoaltey cacoa nibs because they work as a great alternative to chocolate chips, and are full of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants that you just won’t find in most sugary chocolates.

A kg bag will last a while unless you plan on munching them from the bag, which we definitely don’t recommend… although it does taste damn good.

Certified Organic and vegan Cacao powder is a classy present that is great for both the vegan cook and fitness junkie.

If they want to add a chocolate twist to their protein shakes without the added sugars and sweetners usually found in cocoa powder, this is what you need to get them.

For athletes and fitness nuts matcha is a great pre-workout energy boost without the jitters.

But sitting down for a cup of tea just before a marathon is probably not the best idea…

Instead, give some matcha green tea powder so your vegan can put the goodness of matcha in a power smoothie.

The Future Vegan Michelin Star Chef (aka Cooking Lover)

Know a vegan that loves to cook and not just shove down a microwave meal like we do? Well you’re in luck…

The following gifts are perfect for vegans who simply can’t leave the kitchen (unless there’s a cute kitten video on facebook, they’re only human!)

No more pressing tofu down with a book and waiting for hours..

Give your vegan something that will undoubtably impress their vegan friends and make their tofu troubles dissapear!

The Tofu press is both bpa free and dishwasher safe and just looks like a power tool all vegan cooking gurus would have in their arsenal.

Nothing says cooking pro than a beautful black marble rolling pin.

The rounded edges help to avoid leaving marks on dough, making it great for those vegan pastry lovers.

It also comes with a matching stand, making it look more like a zen samurai weapon, but boy does it still look classy.

It also comes with a 20 year guarantee!

When they say ultimate vegan cookbook, they mean it!

The Veganomicon contains everything on what to stock your kitchen with, the best equipment, how to cook with lower fat while also giving you recipes for every meal including casseroles, one pot dishes, salads, seitan, cookies and cakes and anything you could think of.

The only gripe we have is a lack of photos, but with the internet it’s easy to google a picture of any dish and the sheer amount of recipes justifies the lack of imagery.

Give the power of turning any dish into a delicious vegan recipe with the comprehensive guide to vegan food substitutions.

The charts are simple and easy go to references when you’re trying to create your own vegan recipes.

A real must have for both seasoned vegan cooks and beginners alike!

Even cooking gurus need a meal thats easy to make, and this book really is the vegan cream of the crop.

Having won the 2014 Peta Vegan cookbook award and gourmand award in 2015, the author of Keep it Vegan, Aine Carlin, really knows her stuff.

All the reciples use a few simple ingredients and can be found at your local supermarket.

Love a friday night curry?

Well rather than paying for a pricey takeaway, give this amazing recipe book to your vegan and never eat a mediocre indian again.

The Indian Kitchen from Vegan Richa is full of authentic indian vegan recipes for every meal throughout the day and more.

It’s simple enough to follow for first time indian chefs and contains modern techniques to save time and reduce headache when making those delicious dishes.

Another award winning book filled with vegan asian recipes from all around the east.

It contains simple recipes, beautiful food photography and pro tips on how to make tofu taste good, how to make vegan fish sauces and how to cook the perfect rice every time.


Courgetti anyone?

This pro Pasta machine will make any vegan cook happy (and you too if you’re a fan of lasagne or spaghetti bolognese!)

Clocking in 487 reviews, this is the top dog of pasta machines.

Give the gift of rapidly made healthy veggie meals with the top rated Spiralizer. (1000+ positive reviews!)

With a spiralizer you can cut hard fruits and vegetables into spaghetti like strands to create colourful, low calorie, delicious dishes anyone can enjoy.

This spiralizer contains a lifetime replacement warranty making the purchase risk free if for some weird reason your vegan doesn’t like the gift, and also contains three bonus recipe ebooks to get started.

No more overprocessed staples like mayonnaise, yellow mustard, stock or pesto…

Save your vegan’s health, tastebuds and wallet using the Homemade Vegan Pantry.

Perfect for the vegan cook-aholic or for those who want to avoid the additives in their breakfast sausages and buttercreams.

With a total of over 500 reviews (from UK and US) this really is the staple book for vegan staples (we couldn’t resist!)

The power to make ice cream whenever you want is better than any super power – trust us.

When your vegan can make delicious ice creams and sorbets you may never need an unhealthy pudding again!

(But don’t worry, you still can if you want 😉 )

Check out some of the best vegan ice cream recipes around.


Now you’re giving an ice cream maker, it’s time to give the secret sauce of vegan ice cream making with this cookbook.

Learn to make all sorts of flavours from the home favourite chocolate chip to the exotic with chai and gingersnap.

There’s even dedicated sections to raw ice cream and sauces!


Vegan Bakers and Cheese Makers

Know a vegan that loves to cook and not just shove down a microwave meal like we do? Well you’re in luck…

The following gifts are perfect for vegans who simply can’t leave the kitchen (unless there’s a cute kitten video on facebook, they’re only human!)

Waht vegan baker wouldn’t want to look like a michelin star chef?

The VonShef not only sounds like a fancy pants mixer, it really is the bees knees with over 1400, 4 to 5 star reviews and a 2 year warranty.

Most of the reviews talk about the great price, extensive features and high quality.

Everyone loves a perfectly cooked tart crust, and a vegan baker will love you for giving them this handy set!

These tartlet tins are made of heat conductive metal so the tart crust cooks throughout.

No more prying the tart out from the base with an easy to remove loose base.

There’s also a twelve month guarantee! Bargain.

Nothing says I love you like a novelty apron…

All bakers need an apron, so make it a vegan one!

While it might be a good gift for a colleague, this coupled with a few other things is probably better for a loved one (trust us, we learnt the hard way!)

We went down to Ms Cupcake’s bakery in London, and all we can say is… You MUST try these recipes.

This book will teach a vegan how to make brownies, cookies, chocolate bars, deep fried dough palls, pies, cakes, cupcakes and all the sweet treats you love.

What makes this book the bible of vegan baking is it’s extra content including a vegan baking quick start guide and multiple alternatives for milk, butter, eggs, flour (for the gluten free) and sugar.

Another skill in a baker’s toolbelt is the cupcake, and there is no better guide than this…

Vegan Cupakes Take Over The World is jam packed (excuse the pun) with cupcake and frosting recipes with full colour pictures to make this little book a great side gift or secret santa.

Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar is the perfect companion book to the Vegan Cupcakes take over the world.

While the title may say cookies, it also contains recipes for bars, biscotti, brownies and much more. Recipes from birthdays to bakes sales, glueten-free cookies to cookies you can eat for breakfast!

An exciting gift for the vegan cookie lover!

“The Magic of Bean Water” may not sound appealing, but it is truly amazing what “Aquafaba” can do.

Aquafaba is a miracle egg replacer and can be used to make anything from marshmallows to butter. All you need is a few can of chickpeas and this book to create recipes including waffles to chewfy fudge brownies.

Let’s face it:

A lot of Vegan cheese stinks!

But no longer, because this brie-lliant recipe book has recipes covering everything from cheese spreads to spices, from full wheels to drink pairings. (Morbier anyone?)

This recipe book is suitable for any level.

It really puts the easy back in cheesy…

But seriously folks, this is the fund-emmental guide to vegan cheese.

Excuse the puns… you might think it’s cheesy, but we think it’s grate 😉

Nut milk bags will save your vegan a lot of money.

While making your own nutmilks can take time, if your target vegan enjoys to cook, they will fall in love in nut milk making.

Why not make some almond milk? (tastes great in tea!)

Or some Cashew Milk

The New Vegan

We were all beginners once, and a new vegan wants nothing more than a helping hand from friends and family!

The following gifts will make the transition to veganism a breeze…

From one of the largest Vegan Charities in the world, “How To Go Vegan” is a definitive guide to going vegan.

It covers everything from the reasons to go vegan, to a comprehensive reading guide, to the best protein sources and healthy snacks.

And the best part is buying this guide will directly give money to a fantastic charity that helps animals and transforms lives.

Going Vegan usually starts with food, but with so many crazy complex recipes online, it can be a tough starting out…

But with the Vegan Cookbook for Beginners, your new vegan will thrive with recipes for every meal that won’t break the bank or your brain!

There’s even a fantastic chapter on transitioning to veganism and avoiding common mistakes.

Another gem from award winning blogger Áine Carlin, The New Vegan does what it says on the cover…

With no nonsense recipes and advice for the new vegan it’s no wonder this book has so many positive reviews!

The "CBA to Cook" Vegan

Not all vegans enjoy slaving away in the kitchen to create instagram-ready meals…

Some of us just want to eat, and we want to eat now!

So here’s some great presents for the lazy vegan chef…

Easy, fast, affordable… AWESOME!

If your vegan struggles with food to bring to work, this book specialises in travel ready lunches and healthy snacks that will make coworkers jelous! 

A vegan meal in 15 minutes?

Made from ingredients from your usual supermarket?

That actually tastes amazing?

Well we’re in!

Work should never get in the way of eating delicious vegan food.

So tell your vegan to put away the pot noodle, and give them this book!

Thug Kitchen is known for their Comfort food that tastes as good as it is for your health…

So when they released a book for the all the lazy vegan chefs out there, it was bound to be a winner!

Thug Kitchen 101 shows you (in their words) to eat green and save green (both in your wallet and the environment!)

A cookbook can’t get much better than this!

Deliciously Ella is an aclaimed cooking and health blogger who is living proof of the healing potential of a plant based diet.

In her second book she addresses the main problem that most dieters have…

They don’t have the time (or will) to spend faffing about in the kitchen.

Designed to help anyone who wants ready meals on the go, meals that can be frozen in bulk, quick breakfasts and more, Deliciously Ella Every Day is a great book for the lazy cook.

A cake mix that’s vegan and that creates a delicious chocolate cake with next to zero effort?

Yes please!

This gluten free cake mix has been all the rage on vegan cooking pages as it’s certified vegan and doesn’t contain any soy or nuts!

This book got us through university.

Chuck the ingredients in a mug, pop it in the microwave, eat the deliciousness that is a mug cake!

While not super healthy, these mug cakes are a great treat and fantastic for aspiring bakers to get started…

Or for the fellow lazy folk out there that just want cake in their mouth, TODAY!

The Junk Food Loving Vegan

Vegans love junk as much as the next guy, but always going out to get it can be a pain…

So why not give the gift of junk food with these great pressies:

“You won’t be able to eat bacon anymore!” they said…

Well turns out you can make 14 types of bacon alternatives with this cookbook and tht’s not all!

With 9 chapters covering different meals (And one whole chapter dedicated to just bacon) all vegan junk food eaters will love you as much as vegan bacon if you give them this!


There’s healthy vegan junk food?

Yup! Thug Kitchen swept everyone away with their website, and now have their official cookbook…

Covering every meal, including breakfast tacos, pumpkin chilli and grilled peach salsa.

If you’re wanting to help your vegan lose weight while keepign their food delicious, Thug Kitchen: Eat Like You Give A F*ck is the answer.

Gluten flour is the key ingredient of Seitan, possibly the best meat substitute out there…

Here are just 29 ways to make delicious setain recipes

Trust us, any vegan would be happy to get this, as it’s not really available in supermarkets and pricey in health food stores.

Liquid smoke could make nearly anything tasty (trust us we’ve even tried it on ice cream!)

But by far the best is the certified vegan Liquid Smoke Natural Hickory by Colgin.

Add this to the gluten flour above as a gift and you’ll be arming your vegan with the tools to make an almighty taste explosion!

P.s. don’t try it with doughnuts… it’s the only thing it doesn’t work with.

Another slightly cheaper liquid smoke that we liked.

Not much else to say really…

Liquid smoke = liquid heaven?

Yep go with that.

Raw Vegans

So maybe your vegan is Raw till 4, Raw all day or just wants to try it out.

While we’re not raw, raw food is delicious and the cakes are great.

So use these gift ideas to put together a toolkit that a budding raw vegan will love…

Who hasn’t heard of a nutribullet? Well meet it’s magic bullet blender.

With this all in one blender, you can chop, dice, grate, grind, juice, create healthy vegan smoothies, nutritious breakfasts, snacks, chop fruit, make desserts, soups, dips and sauces, dice onions and so much more!

This is the all in one blending kit that keeps on giving and for a fantastic price as well!

Does your vegan have bigger foods to blend?

The Magimix is a pro looking, big ol’ blender that just does what it says it does, and it does it well.

We didn’t find it to be very quiet like advertised, but it’s definitely quieter than some of the cheaper blenders we’ve used.

Smoothies and juices on the go are a great way to get nutritional punch in the face every morning.

Gym bunnies out there will appreciate how fast you can create a protein shake or berry blast.

P.s. the blue coloured Breville blender is cheapest but it doesn’t look as slick as the red!

Food processors are great for vegans because of one thing:

You can make your own Nakd bars

And obviously lots of other stuff too… but stuffing your face with Cashew Cookie (and other flavours) especially when it’s warm…

Just too good!

Anyway getting sidetrack:

The Kenwood Food processor looks as cool as a chopped up cucumber with a strong brush metal frame and a 3 L capacity bowl.

The motor is 1000 watts and can litteraly power through anything you throw in it and it’s dishwasher safe so no more cleaning up the food in the tiny cracks!

The Uncookbook is the mega guide to raw eating, and serves as a manual for first time rawdies and a great resource for the oven-free veteran.

It covers every meal and has handy tips for staying on track, food for kids and getting all of your required nutrients.

A beautiful looking book that works as an elegant present.

We have noticed from the reviews that a lot of the recipes use a dehydrator though.

So if you’re going to give this to someone either bundle it with a dehydrator or make sure they already have one!

There’s a reason so many raw recipes use a dehydrator…

Dehydrators make fruit taste even better (and last longer) while preserving all those important nutrients and fiber.

Our only gripe is how much power it uses to run. According to the amazon questions section, it costs around 8p per hour to run at 550w full power. We’d say use a green energy supplier or solar panels if possible!

Raw Vegans can have cakes, biscuits, cookies pies, tarts and muffins too!

This book provides the healthiest raw alternatives to sugar, dairy and gluten while suggesting superfoods to enhance flavour and nutrition to every raw dessert.

The photography is stunning and really motivates you to make something!

A great gift for the raw foodie at any level.

Rawsome vegan baking baosts some delicious sounding recipes that don’t seem too challenging to make:

Peppermint Chocolate Molten Lava Cakes
S’mores Cupcakes
Cacao Cashew Cupcakes

(check out the pictures.. *drools*)

There also are more recipes for Ice Cream than Clean Cakes! (shown above)

Vegan Birthday Gifts

Knowing what to get anyone on their birthdya is hard enough…

So here are a few ideas that we know vegans will adore!

Most candles aren’t vegan because they use things like animal fat.

But should you deprive yourself of a romantic candle lit dinner or relaxing candle lit bath just because you’re vegan?

Certainly not!

These gorgeous candles are made of biodegradable soy wax so they are both good for the environment and animal product and cruelty free.

Plus, they smell incredible!

Everyone loves a good pun!

And what’s better than a birthday card with a skipping avocado?

Is your vegan environmentally concious and wanting to go paper free?

The Rocketbook will make you completely paper free because you can store everything you want to your google drive, dropbox, icloud, evernote, email etc. and then wipe away what you’ve written to reuse the notebook.

Honestly, it seemed a bit pricey at first to us, but then we realised how much less paper we’d need to buy!

P.s. You also get a free fixion pen that you need to use notebook!

Vegan Christmas and Easter Gifts

Already preparing for celebrations in 2018?

Well unfortunately, there aren’t many specific seasonal vegan gifts..

But here’s what we found so far…

Advent calendars always add excitement to the run up to christmas! (Or maybe it’s just the sugar high…)

Moo Free come save the day with a delicious animal product free advent calendar that all vegans will appreciate!

An organic chocolate easter egg?

Moo Free you’ve outdone yourself again.

And as an added bonus it also comes with buttons!

Please note: A review mentioned this is not suitable for those with nut allergies.

Bunnycomb doesn’t sound vegan, but it really is…

No Soy, No GMO, Vegan, gluten free and animal cruelty free!

We really want to try this one ourselves this easter!

P.s. As an extra christmas gift, why not make some vegan mince pies?

The Curious Non-Vegan

Maybe you’re a vegan wanting to gift to a non-vegan, or want to have some go to facts to help spread the word…

Well here’s some ideas to get your started:

Who doesn’t want to live longer?

While not all vegan food is healthy (have you seen the baking section?) if done right, you are set for life with amazing health.

If you know people who suffer from various illnesses like high blood pressure, or people who are worried about their health in general, give this to them as a no pressure way of showing them that there are alternatives to drugs.

This book is really an excuse killer…

It includes recipes for every meal, cheese, tofu-haters, burger lovers and basically all the foods omnivores crave and worry about losing if they go vegan.

Spread the vegan love with the power of food, it really works!

This documentary is entertaining, shocking, informative and most of all life changing…

It follows the journey of an investigator as he finds out the scientific research behind animal farming being the largest contributor to climate change on the planet!

Although quite a shocking documentary, it’s not gory or scary as the focus is on the environment.

The reason this documentary got so popular is it showed that they everyone needs to make serious dietary changes to make a real difference and stop climate change.

A more scientific approach to explaining the health benefits of a plant based diet, but it is by no means boring!

Put simply, if someone (vegan or not) wants to know why our food is making us fat and sick, this is the book to read.

With over 500 reviews in the UK and over 3700 in the US, you can see why this book is a go to for the health concious and a great gift that will really help the receiver.

This book details the transformation of Rich Roll from a 50 pound overweight 40 year old to one of the world’s 25 fittest men in Men’s Health.

The book is as captivating as it is motivating, showing the true power of a plant based diet no matter what your age.

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